Turn Up the AC!

Turn Up the AC!

Summer is heating up and when you’re camping, the last thing you want is your ac to quit on you. At Turbos RV, we understand that in the heat of summer, your air conditioner is your very best friend.So Turn Up the AC!

Whether it is a Dometic, Suburban, or anything in between, Turbos technicians are there for all your AC needs. Whether it’s dated back to 1955, or if it is the newest model, Turbo’s motto is always “repair before replace.”

We understand that repairing an ancient AC isn’t always the safest option, so Turbos Turn Up the AC!RV can get you up to date with new products at great prices. In fact, we have a rig in our shop where Eric is not only updating the AC unit, but he is custom building a support system to make it look better than ever inside and out. So this Fourth of July, Kick back and relax with your cool Rv, and if it ever gets too warm for comfort, give Turbos Rv a call!

Written By Kendal

Summer is in the Air!

Summer is in the Air!

With the days full of sunshine, and our mountains beckoning everyone here at Turbo’s loves the feeling when Summer is in the Air! We hope you take advantage of everything this beautiful state has to offer, and as your local RV repair shop Turbo’s RV is here to make sure you rig is as ready for adventure as you are.

Need to have your wheel bearings packed? How about checking your roof so that if a summer storm hits you stay dry and your rig stays in prime condition? Or maybe you are thinking of buying a new rig for summer fun, let us perform a pre purchase inspection to make sure your money is well spent!

We take pride in our work and share your love of camping. We are here to make sure your summer is relaxing and fun, no need to stress about things going wrong, give us a call today to schedule your appointment!


Memorial Day Weekend Plans?

Memorial Day Weekend Plans?

Memorial Day weekend is quickly approaching! There is no better way to kick off the summer than taking the family and friends out in your rig to enjoy our beautiful state! As always we have a few Turbo Tips to help make sure you have a relaxing and fun time in your rig by following these Trip Preparations:

  • Roofs need to be checked and maintained every 6 months, this will save you a huge expense and headache! We will perform a free roof inspection for any mobile repair or in-shop service.
  • Don’t forget to check the air pressure in your tires before you go! If you haven’t had your axles packed within 2 years or 5,000 miles you may want to take advantage of our services.
  • The last thing we want is your battery dying and leaving you stranded. Let’s make sure those can hold a charge and keep your RV in tip top shape.
  •  Whether you are looking to bring it into our service shop or take advantage of our mobile services. We offer competitive pricing with work performed by genuine people who care about quality.

Our schedule is filling fast so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need an appointment!

From The Turbo’s Team To Your Family: We wish you a beautiful and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

Turbo’s RV is Searching for Technicians

Employment Opportunity

We are gearing up for summer and are looking to expand our team! Turbo’s RV is searching for technicians that are not only skilled but have an interest in expanding their knowledge. We do not service drive lines or chassis, rather we are looking for a jack of all trades as far as RV functionality and equipment.

Beyond that however, we are only looking for someone who believes in being part of a team and taking care of our customers. We work in a laid back, fun environment, where the independence allows you to focus your time as you deem most efficient. That being said, the right technician for us must be able to troubleshoot, diagnose, and manage his time accordingly to maintain quality and timeliness and exceed our customer’s expectations.

Eric, the owner provides a wealth of knowledge and commitment to the work that is done here. We are looking for a technician who wants to take advantage of his expertise and can match the commitment to help our company grow. There is incredible and exciting potential for the right person to get in on the ground level and be a part of our expansion as a business.

If you believe you are a good fit for our team, click the link below to view technical requirements and submit your resume!!!

Learn About Becoming a Member of Turbo’s RV Team


RV Roof Maintenance

“We’re Talking about Roofs again…Here’s Why”

So I know you hear us talk about roof inspections constantly. However, I assure you it’s not because we have this unfounded fascination with roofs. Rather, we have seen how detrimental it can be when neglected maintenance suddenly becomes thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Your rig is your home away from home. The disappointment of finding out that bad seals on your roof put the planned trip on hold is something we all want to avoid. Let’s do the math real quick…

A rubber roof replacement (depending on square footage) can range vastly, but has been known to exceed $5000.00 in parts and labor.

When it gets to the point that all of the roof seals need to be replaced, that service averages around $1,000.00

The standard cleaning and treating of a rubber roof typically costs under $500.00


Let’s face it, that whole “out of sight, out of mind” saying may have something to it. Here at Turbo’s RV, we hope by bringing up RV roof maintenance consistently you will become more aware of the true importance of taking care of your roof. Just because you are not looking at the roof of your RV every day does not mean we want to wait till something goes wrong before we inspect.

Checking your roof often helps prevent unnecessary water damage. Catching arising problems early saves money and stress. So, though we may talk often of roofs it’s really our customer we are thinking about.

Friendly advice from your friendly mobile RV technicians!

Spring Time is Almost Here!

Spring Time is Almost Here!

Spring Time is Almost Here!

With the promise of warm weather fast approaching we want to make sure your RV or trailer is as ready for an adventure as you are! With our schedule filling up fast, Turbo’s Mobile RV would like to ensure you have plenty of time to have your rig serviced before spring time trips. Just a few reminders of maintenance items that are wise to keep in mind before you head out:

– Dewinterization
– Axle Service (including wheel bearing pack)
– Roof Clean and Seal
– Plumbing Leak Test
– Battery Charging Test
– Any other known issues

Please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience so we can get you on the schedule for any services you may need. From all of us at Turbo’s RV, we hope this season brings you many smiles and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Striving to Serve You Better

Striving to Serve You Better

As our team continues to grow here at Turbo’s RV Service we are Striving to Serve You Better. One way we are doing this is by providing a more efficient office space at our local three bay shop in Monument. As many of you know we utilize an Airstream as our current office. While we love the Airstream and it has provided us with a wonderful work space, as our team so should our office space.


Therefore, before the spring break rush Eric the owner has been putting in nights and weekends to build a custom mezzanine office.  We will be able to have a new parts staging area to expedite technician job progress. The office will also allow several office personnel to have separate stations allowing for estimate, invoicing, and parts ordering to be more streamlined.


We will still have our notification sound so anytime you pull in to our shop we will be alerted plus, Eric will hook one of the screens directly into our camera system which will allow for a real time look at our building and driveways. So don’t be surprised if at your next in shop service you find that we come to you straight from the shop and not from our trailer office!


Feel free to take a look at our progress below, or stay tuned in to our Facebook Account to see the ongoing updates on the new office!




Striving to Serve You Better

Mobile Service Call Change

Mobile Service Call Change

We are proud to announce that since Eric opened Turbo’s Mobile RV Service in 1999, the business has continued to thrive! As always, with progress comes change and this year we have quite a few exciting things coming. First off, we have added a new full time office project coordinator. Keep your eye out on our blog for her upcoming bio. Also, the expansion of our team inspired Eric to add a new office directly into our three bay shop here in Monument. While we will miss the Airstream as the office the entire staff is looking forward to the expansion!

Since business has been so great we have spent some time looking into how we can be more efficient in the field, as well as offering competitive and consistent rates for our customers. After much research and discussion, we have made a crucial change to our mobile billing procedure. Beginning in January of 2017 all service calls will be billed directly off of drive time.

As our long term customers may be aware previously, any mobile service call was charged based on the zip code of the mobile location. However, due to ever changing gas and insurance prices this resulted in unpredictable costs. Therefore, to streamline the billing process our hourly rate of $125.00 will be maintained for both in shop and mobile jobs, and the drive time to and from the mobile sites will be added to the labor charge in the field.

We appreciate the flexibility and understanding of our customers as we continue to search for the best policies to maintain our quality of work and level of customer service that we pride ourselves on!


Team Turbos


Mobile Service Call Change

Slide out issue? We can fix that!

Slide out issue? We can fix that!

Ever wonder the extent our technicians will go to in order to ensure a quality job? Check out this 20 hour slide out repair job. The support system was weakened and the counter and brackets were pulling out of the wall.

Two technicians, a lot of patience, and diligent research led to a custom modified support system for this slide out. Reassembled it looks better than new, and now the counter top is separating from the wall.

Hear how the repair was made first hand by clicking here!


Slide out issue? We can fix that!

Turbo’s Mobile RV: Family Oriented Through and Through

Turbo’s Mobile RV: Family Oriented Through and Through

Family oriented is a phrase often thrown around by small companies. The appeal of a company with values is undeniably evident. Here at Turbo’s, family goes beyond a description and is truly a pillar of foundation to the company’s success.

No clearer demonstration of this point is found than the fact that the owners and their two kids actively contribute to Turbo’s RV. While Eric is the owner, lead technician, and closest thing to an RV guru as I’ve ever seen, his wife Madeline handles all of the HR side and accounting aspects of the company.

As the saying goes, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. At the impressive ages of 12 and 9, Kendal (12) and Dane (9) are already hands on and learning the family trade. With their aptitude for the business and diligent structure they have learned, they will soon be integral parts of Turbo’s Mobile RV and many other great things in the future.

Kendal is spending the summer with us at Turbo’s learning the ropes in the office. She has already become comfortable on the phones; helping our customers by acknowledging their needs and making sure their concerns get addressed. So, if you’re lucky enough to get her on the phone when you call, you’ll understand how truly family oriented through and through, Turbo’s Mobile RV is.

Dane is quickly taking after his father and is an amazing helper. He shadows his job on mobile services, and helps out in the shop. Always cautious of his surroundings and eager to learn, he has all the makings of a great technician. With the hands on training and perfect opportunity through the family company he is already a vital part of Turbo’s.


Turbo's Mobile RV: Family Oriented Through and Through