Services– Plumbing
– Roofs/Vents/Awnings
– Lifts/Slides/Leveling Systems
– LP/LP Leak Detection


Services– Warranty & Insurance Work
– Satellite Systems/AV
– Trailer Brakes & Lighting
– Winterizations
– Parts & Accessories

– Refurbishments/Conversions/Updates

– Appliance Repair
Fridges, Furnaces, A/C, Water Heaters, Hydronic

– Electrical
AC/DC, Solar, Converters, Inverters, Batteries and MUCH MORE!



Where ever you are!
We come to your location. Your home, storage, campground – it doesn’t matter!


Published Labor Rates

Our hourly rate is $125 per hour with a 1 hour minimum, plus a service call depending on your location. Beyond the first hour, we bill digital time. Please note, most local shops charge up to $140 per hour and you get certified, well trained technicians from us. We we beat the book 95% of the time! Additionally, we have a VERY large inventory!
Estimates. Due to the nature of our business we bill the service call + $125 minimum for estimates. $50 will be credited to the final bill if completed within 30 days.