RV Roof Maintenance

“We’re Talking about Roofs again…Here’s Why”

So I know you hear us talk about roof inspections constantly. However, I assure you it’s not because we have this unfounded fascination with roofs. Rather, we have seen how detrimental it can be when neglected maintenance suddenly becomes thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Your rig is your home away from home. The disappointment of finding out that bad seals on your roof put the planned trip on hold is something we all want to avoid. Let’s do the math real quick…

A rubber roof replacement (depending on square footage) can range vastly, but has been known to exceed $5000.00 in parts and labor.

When it gets to the point that all of the roof seals need to be replaced, that service averages around $1,000.00

The standard cleaning and treating of a rubber roof typically costs under $500.00


Let’s face it, that whole “out of sight, out of mind” saying may have something to it. Here at Turbo’s RV, we hope by bringing up RV roof maintenance consistently you will become more aware of the true importance of taking care of your roof. Just because you are not looking at the roof of your RV every day does not mean we want to wait till something goes wrong before we inspect.

Checking your roof often helps prevent unnecessary water damage. Catching arising problems early saves money and stress. So, though we may talk often of roofs it’s really our customer we are thinking about.

Friendly advice from your friendly mobile RV technicians!