Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Time sure flies when you are staying busy. With Thanksgiving only a week away the Turbo’s Team wanted to take a moment to wish you and your family a relaxing and Happy Thanksgiving! May the food and company you share bring you many smiles, and let the time together be one of thanks and comfort. We here at Turbo’s are thankful for all of our customers, and look forward to a holiday season of happiness.

Happy Thanksgiving!


In order to celebrate Thanksgiving with our families Turbo’s RV Service will be closed from Wednesday, November 23rd until Monday, November 28th.

Team Turbo’s RV Expanding in the Best Way

Team Turbo’s RV Expanding in the Best Way: In an effort to keep up with our customer’s demand for service, Eric the owner (and master certified technician) has been dedicated to finding a new technician to join our team. Throughout the summer he interviewed many but chose to bring aboard an apprentice who has quite a bit of relevant experience. His name is John and he spent his summers at Lake Powell working on house boats. Along with his mechanical experience and technical skills he quickly proved to be a valuable member of the Turbo’s Team!

Also, after the holidays, Turbo’s Mobile RV Service will begin to look for a new Project Coordinator and Dispatcher to fill the role of the day to day communications for our expanding customer base. Recognizing that Turbo’s RV can offer more accommodating scheduling and service with a larger team has been a constant motivation for Eric to grow his business.

As in everything he does for Turbo’s however, he does not cut corners or rush through tasks in order to complete them. Rather, he considers all applicants thoroughly to ensure each individual is the right person for his team and for his customers. With growth does comes change. As Eric continues to dedicate time into training and building his team there are sure to be policy changes to follow. We are excited to see the developments sure to come for Turbo’s Mobile RV Service but rest assured that our quality of service and dedication to our customers remains our top priority!


Team Turbo’s RV Expanding in the Best Way:

Have you been wanting to explore some customizations?

With camping season winding down it’s a great time to think about any projects you may want to complete before spring! Have you been wanting to explore some customizations? Maybe replace that old flooring, or upgrade to a solar charging system? Fall and winter provide a great time to tackle some of those bigger jobs, and Turbo’s RV Service is here to help!


We know life gets hectic and let’s face it, when spring time rolls around the last thing you want is to bring you rig in for a several week project. So now is the time to stop procrastinating on the roof work that’s over due, or maybe putting in a larger battery bank to accommodate longer dry camping opportunities! Let us help get your rig in the ideal condition before next season even starts.


Our certified technicians would be more than happy to install the Lippert 6 point leveling system to make your life a little easier next year. If you are thinking of getting a new tow vehicle let us explore the Airforce 1 and Blue Ox options for the tow package. Our vendor relations and many certifications can give you peace of mind knowing that when you trust your project to us, the job is getting done right.
Each service we perform is evidence of the pride we take in quality service. The fact that quality service makes our customer’s smile is the greatest bonus of all here at Turbo’s RV Service. So while you prepare for snow and holidays, we will be here making sure when spring time rolls around you and your family are ready to go!

Have you been wanting to explore some customizations?

Have you been wanting to explore some customizations?

Have You Checked Your Roof?

Have You Checked Your Roof?

Have You Checked Your Roof? Are you considering purchasing a new RV or 5th wheel? Maybe you recently endeavored to buy your first RV, or decided to upgrade to a newer unit! We know how exciting and practical it can be. Here at Turbo’s RV our technicians do have solid advice on new purchases.

The foremost would be that the roofs do not come pre-treated with a UV Clean and Protectant Seal from the factory.  Most manufactures recommend annual roof maintenance and often customer’s assume that their first roof service was provided by the factory or selling dealer prior to their purchase. This is not typically the case.

In order to ensure the highest quality of care and longevity of the roofing we recommend having that first clean and seal performed prior to taking your first trip. With the drastic weather changes and intense sun here in Colorado, consistent roof inspections and treatment will help save money and headaches in the future.

Have You Checked Your Roof?

As always, if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment we would be happy to accommodate!


Your business is always greatly appreciated,


Turbo’s RV Team


Time to Winterize!

Time to Winterize!

It is hard to believe that summer is already coming to an end. Fall is just around the corner and cooler temperatures means it’s Time to Winterize. Keep in mind that once the first freeze hits the damage is most likely already begun.

We strive to provide timely and affordable winterizations. Generally, within 24 hours of your appointment we have you rig ready for pick up. The basic winterization is only $125.00 (+ service call if you’d prefer a mobile service) with optional additional winterization items available.

Time to Winterize!

Standard Items Included in Winterization:

Black Tank Check

Gray Tank Check

Drain Water Heater

Low Point Drains

Water Pump

Filtered Tap

Kitchen Fixture

Bath Fixture



Toile Bowl

Toiler Sprayer

P Traps

Open BW Valves

Close BW Valves

Open GW Valves

Close GW Valves

Open Fixtures

Reverse Bypass Valves

Pull Inlet Filter

Roof Inspect


Accomplished Week at Turbo’s Mobile RV

Accomplished Week at Turbo’s Mobile RV

With the addition of our new technician John, we have been focused on helping out our customers during the last stretch of summer. Water leak diagnosis, hot water tank replacements, wheel bearing packs, roof jobs, and electrical system rewires have kept both Eric and John busy. Needless to say this has been an Accomplished Week at Turbo’s Mobile RV!

Roof Maintenance is key however, even if you’ve been less than diligent about your services it is better late than never!

Accomplished Week at Turbo’s Mobile RV

                 BEFORE & AFTER


Another service we offer is to install Correct Track’s on trailers. According to Lippert:

Correct Track by Lippert Components can be integrated into your RV suspension system to allow for simple and safe alignment adjustments to ensure your trailer tows with the tow vehicle, not against it. A certified dealer can customize the wheel alignment to your specific load requirements by turning the octagon cam in ¼-inch increments. Heavy slide-outs, appliances and cargo can cause unbalance, premature tire wear and uncontrollable RV vibration, but Correct Track suspension alignment system keeps your tires running smooth, improves gas mileage and ultimately saves you money.


Correct Track™ Quick Facts:

  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Tires run smoother and cooler
  • Preserves tire life
  • Raises trailer 2 inches
  • Trailer tows with tow vehicle, not against it

Eric and Kory Installing a Correct Track:


Accomplished Week at Turbo’s Mobile RVAccomplished Week at Turbo’s Mobile RV




Labor Day Trip Preparations

Labor Day Trip Preparations

Labor Day weekend is quickly approaching! End the summer off right with family, friends, and a weekend away. As always we have a few Turbo Tips to help make sure you have a relaxing and fun time in your rig by following these Trip Preparations:


  • Roofs need to be checked and maintained every 6 months, this will save you a huge expense and headache! We will perform a free roof inspection for any mobile repair or in-shop service.
  • Don’t forget to check the air pressure in your tires before you go! If you haven’t had your axles packed within 2 years or 5,000 miles you may want to take advantage of our services.
  • The last thing we want is your battery dying and leaving you stranded. Let’s make sure those can hold a charge and keep your RV in tip top shape.
  •  Whether you are looking to bring it into our service shop or take advantage of our mobile services. We offer competitive pricing with work performed by genuine people who care about quality.

If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call! We will be closed from Friday the 2nd through Monday the 5th in observance of the holiday!


Let’s Talk Tires!

Let’s Talk Tires! One of the most important decisions you’ll make on you trailer is choosing the tires to put on. With so many options it is important to understand which tire is going to best fit your need. Thanks to Redneck Trailer the below information will give you some insight so you can make the best purchasing decision possible when it comes to your trailer.


Design Rim Width: “Design Rim Width” is the specific rim width assigned to each tire size designation, to determine basic tire dimensions.


Section Width: “Section Width” is the maximum width of a new tire.


Overall Diameter: “Overall Diameter” is the diameter of an inflated tire at the outermost surface of the tread.


Maximum Load Capacity: “Maximum Load Capacity” is the maximum weight a tire is designed to carry, under standard use conditions.


Load Range with a letter (A, B, C, etc.),

Standard Load and Extra Load are used to identify a given size tire with its load and inflation limits, when used in a specific type of service.


Ply Rating is a term used to identify a given tire with its maximum recommended load, when used in a specific type of service. It is an index of tire strength and does not necessarily represent the number of cord plies in the tire.


Static Load Radius: “Static Load Radius” is the dimension from the bottom of the tire to the center line of an axle, when the tire is loaded at its rated capacity.


How The Tire Part Number System Works: Part Numbers incorporate tiresizes and descriptions, to allow you to easily determine the tires you need to order.


Red Neck Trailer. Tires & Wheels [E-2 PDF]. http://www.redneck-trailer.com/

Lippert Level Up System

Lippert Level Up System

If you have ever considered adding the convenience of a 6 point Lippert Level Up System you have come to the right place! Our certified technicians are not only knowledgeable but certified directly through Lippert for just such a service.



Here are some highlights of the Level Up System

The patented six-point Level Up hydraulic leveling system levels an RV in less than a minute using a one-touch auto-leveling feature, and includes an auto re-hitch memory function that remembers the exact height at which the RV was unhitched. Uneven ground can cause a lot of problems and other leveling systems can stress and twist the chassis, damaging slide systems, sidewalls and windows. Level Up’s patented design won’t put undue stress on the chassis —Level Up’s six-point leveling system incorporates leveling jacks before the front axle and behind the rear axle maintaining the integrity of the RV at all times.

Quick Facts

  • One-touch automatic leveling
  • Lightning-fast hydraulics
  • Lightweight aluminum jacks
  • Rock-steady, disturbance-free camping
  • Wireless remote options available

We can get parts quickly directly from Lippert and would be happy to supply you a quote for install if you are interested.

Information Obtained from [http://lci1.com/level-up]

Lippert Level Up System

Featured Park in Colorado RV Community

One amazing park that is a Featured Park in Colorado RV Community is:  Jellystone Park: Larkspur, CO

Jellystone park, located in Larkspur, Colorado off Interstate 25, Is a fun, family friendly camp ground with electric, water and electric, and 30 and 50 amp Rv sites. Additionally, they have tent sites, tipis, yurts (solid round structures: they feel more like a building than a tent), cabins,   lodges, and cottages. Plus, they have activities such as a swimming pool, pond with beach and slip ‘n slide, outdoor movies on Saturdays, disc golf course, and hiking trails. Amenities include laundry facilities, free coffee each morning, RV dump station, clean restrooms & showers, and a convenience store.

Turbos Mobile RV visits Jellystone often so if you have any service needs while there, know that we are only a phone call away!