Turbo’s Mobile RV: Family Oriented Through and Through

Turbo’s Mobile RV: Family Oriented Through and Through

Family oriented is a phrase often thrown around by small companies. The appeal of a company with values is undeniably evident. Here at Turbo’s, family goes beyond a description and is truly a pillar of foundation to the company’s success.

No clearer demonstration of this point is found than the fact that the owners and their two kids actively contribute to Turbo’s RV. While Eric is the owner, lead technician, and closest thing to an RV guru as I’ve ever seen, his wife Madeline handles all of the HR side and accounting aspects of the company.

As the saying goes, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. At the impressive ages of 12 and 9, Kendal (12) and Dane (9) are already hands on and learning the family trade. With their aptitude for the business and diligent structure they have learned, they will soon be integral parts of Turbo’s Mobile RV and many other great things in the future.

Kendal is spending the summer with us at Turbo’s learning the ropes in the office. She has already become comfortable on the phones; helping our customers by acknowledging their needs and making sure their concerns get addressed. So, if you’re lucky enough to get her on the phone when you call, you’ll understand how truly family oriented through and through, Turbo’s Mobile RV is.

Dane is quickly taking after his father and is an amazing helper. He shadows his job on mobile services, and helps out in the shop. Always cautious of his surroundings and eager to learn, he has all the makings of a great technician. With the hands on training and perfect opportunity through the family company he is already a vital part of Turbo’s.


Turbo's Mobile RV: Family Oriented Through and Through